A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Seleos is a fantasy visual novel for the NaNoRenO 2021 lineup — a jam where creators make a visual novel in a month — and Circle Pegasi's fourth NaNoRenO project in total. As usual, we hope you enjoy it and please let us know what you thought of it!


Kore, a troubled noblewoman, meets Seleos, an oddly helpful deity. Can he be the one to resolve her problems?


  • Around 40-60 minutes long (roughly 9k words)
  • All assets are custom-made, no stock art used, with multiple poses and variations
  • Choices which can lead to different endings
  • A custom menu with a control display and options such as a toggle to automatically continue text

How to play

For Windows: Unzip the file and double-click  the .exe or .jar

Mac: right click and open application, otherwise you'll get a warning you can't bypass.

For more visual novel updates, questions or anything else, head over to Anna (@ripandtir) on twitter: https://twitter.com/ripandtir

April 7th 2021: Mac and Linux versions now added per request, these are NOT tested!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Apr 01, 2021
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Tagsangel, Casual, Fantasy, girl-protagonist, Otome, seleos, Short, Singleplayer, vn
Average sessionA few minutes


Seleos-1.0-windows64.zip 204 MB
Seleos-1.0-linux64.tgz 206 MB
Seleos-1.0-macos.zip 205 MB


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Hello! Been a fan since 2013. Glad that I am able to see you in this platform. Just gonna ask the details about your Firefly visual novel. Is it still in the works?

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Hello! That's so awesome to hear, thanks for your message :)!

Did you mean this project? https://circlepegasi.itch.io/under-the-red-moon

It will be 'inspired by' our first novel, Firefly, but still very, very different. We had a wild time recently and only really wanted to post good news, so it's been quiet yes. But to answer your question:

Yes, it's still in the works, I'm working hard on the script and it's going well! We'll post an update on that page I linked, on twitter, and maybe some other places once the script is done.


Can't wait. Hoping for an android release.

Hello Circle Pegasi! Do you have an email where I can contact you? I'd like to talk to you about the possibility of translating this game into Spanish :)

Hello! You can find our email in the banner/header at the top of our website here: https://pegasi.weeaboo.nl/

However, for translations of our VNs, I'm afraid I have to decline in advance since we don't translate any of our projects anymore. We're only with two people and work full-time next to this. We noticed with other projects that translations took up too much time which we would rather spend developing new visual novels or re-releasing our older projects. We barely find the time for that to begin with.

I'm very sorry, but thank you so much for considering this at all!

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So good. The art is really lovely and those short stories "with a morale" always had a good impact on me. Took me 3 times to get to the "true" end. It was very satisfying.

Tho it's not really an otome-ish, I guess?

Edit: AHHHH, it's you guys! I remember playing and absolutely loving Days of the Divine. Now I know why the art-style felt so familiar.

Thank you for the lovely comment! It was written more as a deconstruction of otome and playing with its common tropes :D

And yeah we were! It's so nice to hear you read Days of the Divine too! It's still on our list to re-release in the new enging and I'll upload it here once we finish that.


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Thank you for the lovely comment! It was written more as a deconstruction of otome and playing with its common tropes :D

Makes sense. There was this disturbing lull of getting you to lower your guard and just completely give yourself up and/or trust this attractive being. DotD also was a good game with a theme and a moral. Having 3 very different LIs broadened the lens and aspects of the overall theme.

And yeah we were! It's so nice to hear you read Days of the Divine too! It's still on our list to re-release in the new enging and I'll upload it here once we finish that.

Ohh, that sounds great. Right now the only way to download DotD is through your Lemmasoft forum thread. If you post it on itch.io and give it the appropriate tags I think many more newcomers to this type of genre or format will be able to find it.


OMG. WHen I was playing it I got this feel like "Hmm, i wonder if [spoiler thing]." and then as I kept playing it I was like "Oh?" "OH????" "OH???????????????????????????????????"

AND I WAS RIGHT. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Omg I loved the slow build up and the reveal of [spoiler thing] and I was able to get the good ending on my first try!

The art is absolutely gorgeous (I kept staring at Seleos' little pec-window hahahaha XD), and the lighting on everything has a nice touch. I also liked how flashbacks are in the brown tones, a nice contrast!

A fun read!! I take it we might see more of the characters in Under The Red Moon? :D :D :D IM SO EXCITED!!!

Wow Heiden, thanks so much for already playing it! Your entry is on my to-play-with-dev-friends this weekend too :D! I'll leave you a review when I get to it.

GOOD JOB getting it first try, that's really cool!
Hahaha, I was joking with Kiki to make this the itch thumbnail:

As for these characters, perhaps in a future project, but Under the Red Moon will only have returning characters from Path of Dreamers . We made these guys purely for nanoreno, although it is set within rules, magic and the world of our other projects :)

Thank you for the lovely comment!


And oohh!!! Okay! Well still looking forward to your next project, regardless! :D :D