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While a thunderstorm rages outside, a boy excitedly boots up a new MMORPG for the first time. After fiddling around with the character creator for a while he’s finally ready to play with his new character. However, just as he’s about to press the submit button, lightning strikes!

As a result of the lightning strike the power goes out, and he’s forced to sit and wait in frustration. What he doesn’t realize is that his character has already begun playing without him…


  • Nanolife was originally made for nanoreno 2012: this is a port to the newest engine version.
  • Nanolife has three routes with one ending each, and contains around 20.000 words. There are unlockable choices to keep the common route fresh.
  • All art is custom made and done in 1920×1080 with pre-scaled lower resolution versions being used on-the-fly for low-end devices.
  • There are some small but cute animations to be found.
  • Nanolife was made with NVList.

How to play

In the zip-file you'll find a "Nanolife_2020.exe" and "Nanolife_2020.jar" double-click either of those files to open the game in full screen mode. 

To exit full-screen mode, press  Alt+Enter. The guide in-game has further controls.

For more visual novel updates, questions or anything else, head over to Anna (@ripandtir) on twitter: https://twitter.com/ripandtir

Release date May 03, 2020
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Nanolife_2020-1.0-windows64.zip 134 MB

Development log


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Is this game only meant to be played on windows 8.1/8 and lower? I can't seem to be able to play it on my laptop (which is windows 10), but it works on the windows 8 laptop.

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It should work on Windows 10 as well (that's what I use), what happens when you double-click the jar or .exe?

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Either way, thanks so much for letting me know! To help us find what's wrong and fix it, could you start the game as you previously tried on that windows 10 laptop and after that, email the file "nvlist.log" to me at pegasi@weeaboo.nl? You can find it in the "save" folder.

I'd really appreciate it! :)


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i used to play this game a long time ago and thank you so much for re-releasing the game on itch. if you can re-upload your old game such as Days of The Divine ,Binary Soul, Firefly or maybe some of your other games that i haven't hear about it. i want to play it again since i can't find your blog anymore. thank you and keep up making a good games

Thank you, that is so nice to hear! We will definitely port some older games too, but it takes a while to test and convert them well. I'll put them on itch once we do :)


Thanks for re-releasing this nice little VN, and if I may bother your further, please reupload Binary Soul, a VN you guys created in Nanoreno 2015. The link on your blog is no longer active. Thanks and sorry for being a bother.

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Back then I was wondering whether anyone had played/liked Binary Soul at all! I'm so touched. I'll work on re-releasing that project too then, since it will need an engine upgrade as well.

Thanks so much!